Specialty Massage

Swedish Massage

The most commonly known type of massage, it involves soft, long strokes on the topmost layer of muscles. Deep circular movements help increase blood flow, promotes, circulation, and relaxes the entire body.

Chinese Massage

Uses pressure points along the back of the head, back and upper legs. With medium to deep pressure.

Reflexology Massage

Involves areas of the feet believed to correspond to specific parts of the body, Reflexology can be deeply relaxing and promotes overall health and well-being.

Facial Massage

Used to rejuvenate collagen in the skin to make the skin look and feel 15 years younger.


Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese form of massage that consists of rhythmic pressure on precise pressure points that are important to the flow of the body's energy. This type of massage can be performed with the client fully clothed and no oil used. It is very therapeutic.


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